About Revoland

What is Revoland?

Revoland is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game designed to combine players' individual techniques and teamwork to challenge themselves in multiple game modes. Different from the current chain games on the market, Revoland is a product that truly integrates all the advantages of traditional mobile games, with a high degree of completion and entertainment, creating a real 'social gaming experience' and profit model.

How to play Revoland game?

Players can gather friends to form teams in the Revoland game, fight with others, and get token rewards for participating in game battles. There are six types of gameplay: Sacred Fruit Battle 3v3 team play, Toys R Us 3v3 team play, Ace duel 10 people fight to survive, Red Dead Redemption 6-player bounty fight, Running Raiders 3v3 team battle, and the Stronghold Attack & Defense 3v3 team play.

How much do i need to invest to participate in Revoland?

Players do not need to invest any money to play Revoland games, the only investment is time and effort. When players log in to Revoland for the first time, they will receive 3 heroes for free, players can use these heroes to participate in battles and earn $LAND rewards. To get more heroes, you need to buy blind boxes from the NFT marketplace or buy and unlock them from the hero market. The only difference is that free heroes are not eligible to be forged and sold on the NFT marketplace, however premium heroes are.

What types of heroes are there in Revoland?

  1. Fighter: always fight in the front row, with high melee damage and HP, it is a nightmare for crispy heroes.
  2. Flanker: good at inadvertently delivering fatal blows to opponents in battle, they cooperate with teammates in battle, destroy targets, and retreat quickly without being discovered.
  3. Gunner: the main damage carrier, is responsible for maintaining the number of DPS in battle.
  4. Support: a core role that has good output ability and can provide additional support for the team.

What are the advantages of Revoland?

  1. The game development team Chain X Game has rich experience and strong R&D strength to ensure the fineness of the game;
  2. The game system has been upgraded, and the heroes in the game are more diverse, giving players more options and improving the entertainment of the game;
  3. Trinity, connecting crypto users, gamers and streamers to create a sustainable game ecosystem;
  4. The dual-token economic model enables users to enter the game for free, earn rewards, upgrade in the game, and lower the game entry barrier;
  5. There are various ways to earn rewards in the game. The system itself sets a feedback mode to create a diversified game profit model for players.

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